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Laser Dental Treatment

Equipped with dental-specific Vacuum Diode Laser, our clinic provides patients with laser dental therapy. In addition to shortening treatment time and reducing discomfort and bleeding after surgery, it can also speed up wound recovery while achieving the same results as or better results than traditional therapy.

Application of Laser Therapy

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Laser can vaporize and remove tartar deep in periodontal pockets, remove infected soft tissues as well as eliminate bacteria and their toxins. Laser treatment is less invasive compared with traditional periodontal surgery, meaning less discomfort is caused and less recovery time is required.

Laser Dental Cosmetics

Laser can be used to make an incision on gum and other soft tissues, so it can be used to modify gum height and remove overgrown gum tissue.

Remove Gum Stains

When melanin accumulates on gum surface, "dark spots" will appear on the gum, affecting the appearance. This is most commonly found in people with a smoking habit. Laser can grind away melanin on gum surface and restore normal gum colour.

Laser Teeth Bleaching

Laser teeth whitening is a newer technology than blue light bleaching. With laser irradiation, energy can be more concentrated on teeth bleaching agents, achieving higher effectiveness and safety. The time required is only about 30 minutes, shorter than blue light teeth bleaching. In addition to saving the patient’s time, it also reduces pain or numbness after teeth bleaching.


Cutting of tongue frenulum, treatment of lip blisters and oral ulcers (including prickly heat), elimination of oral lesions (such as stains, leukoplakia, lichen planus, etc.), jaw pain relief and others.




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