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Root Canal Therapy

Also known as root canal therapy / endodontic therapy to preserve teeth and avoid tooth extraction. Infected parts are removed together with nerves and blood vessels in the pulp, then the roots are filled with materials to prevent bacteria from re-growing.

Causes of Pulp Infection

  1. The penetration of bacteria from tooth decay deep into the teeth pulp, caused by severe tooth decay or the re-occurrence of tooth decay in filled areas
  2. Cracked or broken teeth, caused by hard food chewing or sports injuries
  3. Re-infection after root canal therapy

After receiving root canal therapy, the inflammation and pain of the infected teeth will subside. Since the nerves and blood vessels in the pulp have been removed, the tooth become fragile and cannot feel cold and hot. Therefore, the dentist usually recommends a brace for the tooth to prevent it from chipping due to chewing or external impact.


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