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Professional Dentists

All the dentists in our clinic graduated from the University of Hong Kong with the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree and are registered dentists in Hong Kong.

Provide Suitable Treatment Options

Our clinic provides general dental services, including dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, wisdom teeth removal and others. We are able to solve all dental problems for you.

Maintenance Provision

Our clinic’s treatment maintenance programme guarantees the provision of the best dental services to you.

Advanced Dental Equipment

Our clinic is equipped with latest dental equipment, such as iTero intraoral scanning, full mouth panoramic X-ray, 3D CT scan and others.

Community Care Fund & Health Care Vouchers

We take care of the oral needs of people of different age groups.
Our dentists provide Health Care Voucher and Community Care Fund dental services to people in need.

Provide you with professional and considerate
dental care

Customer Testimonials

I live in Wan Chai and normally I should go to the dental clinic near my home to have my teeth checked. However, a friend recommended ProSmile Dental three years ago and I have always stuck to this clinic since then. Dentists in the clinic are very professional. Besides having excellent skills, they attentively and patiently explain every treatment step to me. Their professional dental implant technology has helped me solve my long-term eating problems. In addition, nurses in the clinic are very kind and dedicated. They call me in due course to follow up with my recovery progress and remind me of the time for revisit. Thank you very much for your care. Thank you!

David Wong accounting clerk

My child is six years old. He had been very afraid of going to dental clinics that every time he had to struggle for a long time at the door. But since we have shifted to ProSmile Dental Clinic in Tai Po, my son has not thrown a tantrum even when he has tooth extraction as the dentists and nurses have been so friendly and patient. Thank you so much for the care of the nurses and dentists. Now our family members from old to young all go to ProSmile Dental for dental treatments.

Isabella Ng housewife

I was so afraid of going to the dentist. I was afraid of scaling, because every time it was painful and numb with so much discomfort. Every time I had to persuade myself to have scaling that for prettier and whiter teeth, I would tolerate no matter how tough it was. But the first time when I visited ProSmile Dental Clinic, the dentists and nurses encouraged me patiently and helped me relax, knowing that I was so nervous. They cleaned my teeth carefully, during the process I just felt a slight numbness. Every tooth became so clean and beautiful😊. I will continue going there for scaling in the future.

Winnie Tang makeup artist

My dad is very old. He is 78 years old this year. He often suffered from toothache. My family tried hard to persuade him and he was finally willing to see a dentist. Introduced by a friend, we went to ProSmile Dental Clinic. At that time, the dentist very carefully checked my father’s teeth and asked in detail about how my father usually brushed his teeth. He patiently explained to my father that as he had not pay attention to his oral hygiene, he had periodontal disease. Fortunately, we brought our father to the dentist in time, so his teeth could be saved. The dentist designed a course of periodontal disease treatment for him. My father obediently went there for regular follow-up visits. His periodontal disease has stabilized now and he has no toothache. I am very grateful to the dentists and nurses at ProSmile Dental Clinic.

Mr. Cheung stationery wholesaler

A friend introduced ProSmile Dental Clinic to me, where the dentist helped me deal with a lot of cavities in my mouth, involving fillings, root canal therapy and braces. The dentist was very skillful. The whole treatment process went very smoothly without discomfort or pain. The dentist provided very professional advices, while the treatment and fees were explained clearly and transparently, so that I could choose the plan I liked based on thorough understanding and consideration. I highly recommend this dental clinic.

Mr. Lai salesperson

My wisdom teeth were so painful, so I searched for dental clinics in Tai Po on Google, and learned that ProSmile Dental had four shops, which looked quite large and clean. I called for enquiry and found the staff friendly and the pricing reasonable. During the treatment process, I found them professional and careful. The most important thing was that there was no pain during tooth extraction. A few hours later, I could eat and talk normally. I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed here. I am very grateful to the dentists and nurses of ProSmile Dental for helping me solve my dental problems.

Kelvin Lau restaurant owner

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Prosmile Dental

Tai Po Address / Opening Hours

Inquiry / Appointment (852) 9886 8603

Prosmile Dental
(Tai Po)

<font color="#ffffff">Inquiry / AppointmentWhatsApp
(852) 9886 8603

- Shop A2, Shop A,
No. 233, Level 2,
Plover Cove Shopping Arcade,Tai Po
- Shop E2, Shop E,
No. 227, Level 2,
Plover Cove Shopping Arcade,Tai Po
- Shop A2, Shop B,
No. 103, G/F,
Plover Cove Shopping Arcade,Tai Po

Monday to Friday
10:00 am to 8:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday
10:00 am to 7:00 PM


Mong Kok Address / Opening Hours

Inquiry / Appointment (852) 9886 8603

Prosmile Dental
(Mong Kok)

Inquiry / Appointment
(852) 2332 3312
(852) 9886 8603

Room 1836, Phase 1
Grand Plaza, Mong Kok

Monday to Friday
10:00 am to 7:00 pm

10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday ~ by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the flow of a dentist visit?

    Generally speaking, our consultation process is divided into 5 parts:

    01. Appointment - patients can make appointments with us by phone, WhatApps message, social media or email.

    02. Registration - on the appointment day, the nurses in our clinic would register for the patients. In addition to general information, patients’ medical histories, dental histories, certain social histories and eating habits may also be recorded.

    03. Oral examination - our dentists conduct professional examination and investigation for patients to find out the root causes of their problems.

    04. Treatment - our dentists formulate the most suitable treatment plans for patients, and then proceed to deliver the treatments after detailed explanations.

    05. Follow-up - after the treatments, our dentists would regularly review the oral condition of the patients, and our nurses may recall the patients to ask for updates condition.

  • What are the treatment fees at ProSmile Dental Care?

    The complexity, treatment time and material costs of different dental treatments are various, hence there are price differences between them.

    Price lists are posted in ProSmile Dental’s clinics, which provides the range of charges for different treatments for patients’ reference.

    In addition, before any treatment, our staff would make sure that patients fully understand the details and fees of the treatments. Patients have the right to accept or refuse any treatment.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about the treatment fees.

  • What payment methods can I use? Can I use Consumption Voucher?

    We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Master, UnionPay and AE), cheques, Consumption Voucher (via Alipay, Wechat, Octopus and Tap & Go), Health Care Voucher and Elderly Community Care Fund (Consumption Vouchers are welcome).

  • How long do I need to wait for the dental appointment?

    We try our best to arrange dental appointments for our patients as earliest as possible.

    Generally speaking, the waiting time varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the circumstances.

    On the other hand, on the day of consultation, we also try our best to ensure thatpatients can be seen on time. We suggest making an appointment in advance to confirm the consultation time.

    For same-day or walk-in consultation, the waiting time on the day may be longer.

    Of course, in case of emergencies, emergency appointments would be arranged as soon as possible to those patients in need.

  • What is ProSmile Orthodontics Information Day?

    We organize family orthodontics information days (Mongkok and Tai Po clinics) from time to time, which are suitable for people who have any questions about orthodontic treatment or interested in starting one.

    On the day, our dentist will conduct a detailed oral examination, preliminarily formulate an orthodontic treatment plan, analyze it in detail with you, and answer all questions about the orthodontic treatment.

    Anyone interested is welcome to make an appointment for attending the OrthodonticsConsultation Day.


    Flow of the Day

    01. Your teeth and gingiva will be scanned to get the digital 3D images.

    02. panoramic and a cephalometric X-ray will be taken so the dentist can examine the conditions of your teeth and alveolar bone clearly.

    03. Photos will be taken to record the appearance of your teeth and face.

    04. After obtaining all the records, our dentist will check your oral cavity and analyze all the information obtained.

    05. Our dentist will formulate a preliminary treatment plan and discuss the plan with you.

    06. After the consultation, if you wish to proceed with the orthodontic treatment, we will send all your records to Invisalign in the USA to create a ClinCheck plan for you.

    07. When the ClinCheck plan is ready, our dentists will explain the whole orthodontic treatment process and confirm the plan with you.

    08. After confirming the Clincheck plan, your aligners will be made and sent to the dentist in batch. Then your orthodontic journey can be started

  • Is dental X-ray safe?

    The dosage of radiation in Dental X-ray is extremely low, the lowest of all kinds of medical radiation.

    The radiation dose absorbed by a passenger during a 10-hour air flight is about 4 times more than taking a panoramic X-ray or 18 times more than taking a periapical X-ray.

    It can be said that under normal use, dental X-rays are safe and reliable for both children or adults.

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