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Teeth whitening refers to the use of bleaching agents to lighten pigments or stains in the enamel or dentin of teeth. In addition to restoring the normal colour of teeth, it can also make teeth whiter. Teeth whitening can be divided into self-serviced home bleaching and clinic teeth whitening. Our clinic offers blue light bleaching as well as the latest laser whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is a newer technology than blue light bleaching. With laser irradiation, energy can be more concentrated on teeth bleaching agents, achieving higher effectiveness and safety. The time required is only about 30 minutes, shorter than blue light teeth bleaching. In addition to saving the patient’s time, it also reduces pain or numbness after teeth bleaching.

Meanwhile, blue light bleaching treatment takes about 60 minutes. The dentist will evenly apply bleaching agent on teeth surface, then irradiate the teeth with blue light. The whole process will need to be repeated for about 2 to 3 times. After irradiation, the dentist will clean the bleaching agent on teeth surface.

After teeth bleaching treatment, the patient may feel soreness in teeth for a period of time (about a week). This is a normal phenomenon and the sensitivity will subside with time.


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