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牙Our dentist will remove plaque and tartar accumulated on teeth surface with an ultrasonic scaler, to remove the bacteria that cause periodontal disease and reduce the chance of having such disease. After scaling, the teeth surface will become clean and smooth. They will also look brighter and whiter.

The patient may experience teeth numbness, slight mouth discomfort and gum bleeding during and within the few days after scaling. As long as you pay continual attention to oral hygiene, the mouth discomfort and gum bleeding will gradually disappear, while the gum will also regain health.

Generally speaking, we recommend scaling every 6 to 12 months. Working hard on brushing your teeth regularly will greatly reduce the discomfort and bleeding during scaling.

During scaling, our dentist will conduct free dental examination and teeth stain removal at the same time. If serious periodontal disease is found, deep periodontal cleaning and laser cleaning treatment can also be provided.

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