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ProSmile provides traditional metal orthodontic and invisible orthodontic services. During traditional orthodontic treatments, the dentist will first stick pegs (brackets) on teeth surface, then tie metal arch wires (such as elastic or iron wires) so that the teeth can move along with the rebound of the arch wires. This approach is relatively cheap, but its appearance will give people an impression of having "steel teeth", and you need to be careful not to hurt the oral mucosa in daily activities. Meanwhile, transparent (invisible) braces make use of 3D computer scanning technology to record the order of the teeth. The computer will then analyze the force to be applied at each stage, then preset the data on different invisible braces. Transparent braces are relatively expensive, but they are almost "invisible" in appearance and have relatively little impact on daily life.

Orthodontic treatment is a complex and long-term therapy which usually takes 1 to 2 years. During this period, there could be unexpected issues such as peg departure, teeth soreness and brace loss. Therefore, our experienced dentists will intensively communicate and follow up with you throughout the process, so that you can feel at ease and relieved while improving the irregular teeth problem.

General Orthodontic Procedure

Orthodontics is a complicated treatment. The dentist will first make a detailed professional assessment and then formulate a therapeutic programme for you. Regular check-ups and patient cooperation are the keys to satisfactory result achievement.

1.Initial consultation

    • The dentist will examine your teeth and jaws to assess whether orthodontic treatment is suitable

2. Dental X-ray

    • To assess the sizes and positions of jaws and teeth and detect hidden problems such as wisdom teeth, supernumerary teeth, etc.

3. Photo taking, scans or impressions

    • The dentist will scan your teeth structure and take photoes to record the appearance of your teeth, to evaluate your teeth alignment and biting conditions for the formulation of a therapeutic programme

4. Install fixed braces on the teeth

5. Adjustment and checking

    • After braces are fixed, the dentist will regularly check the progress of the orthodontics.

6. Fixed brace removal

    • After the completion of the entire treatment, the fixed braces will be removed

7. Retainer wearing

    • To hold teeth in their ideal positions

The treatment time varies from person to person, usually taking 18 to 24 months.

In addition, our clinic is equipped with advanced devices such as 3D oral scanner as well as panoramic oral X-ray and Cephalometric X-ray machines, allowing the most accurate diagnosis and the design of the most ideal therapeutic programmes for the best treatment results.

ProSmile Orthodontics Consultation Day

From time to time, we organize free Orthodontic Consultation Days targeting patients who have questions about orthodontic treatment or are interested in starting one.

On the day, the dentist will conduct a detailed oral examination for you, formulate a preliminary orthodontic therapeutic programme and analyze it in detail with you and answer all questions about the orthodontic treatment.

Anyone interested is welcome to make an appointment to attend our Orthodontic Consultation Day.

Flow of the Day

  1. Your oral cavity will be first scanned to get its 3D images.
  2. A panoramic X-ray of your oral cavity and a cephalometric X-ray of your head will be taken so that the dentist can clearly see the conditions of your teeth and alveolar bone.
  3. Photos will be taken to record the appearance of your teeth and face.
  4. After obtaining all the records, the dentist will start to check your oral cavity and analyze the above information
  5. The dentist will explain to you the alignment of your teeth and make a preliminary treatment plan and analyze it with you.
  6. After consultation, if you confirm to start the orthodontic treatment, we will send your information to Invisalign in USA for them to create a computer map (Clin Check) for you.
  7. After the computer map is completed, the dentist will explain to you the whole orthodontic treatment process and confirm the computer map with you.
  8. After the computer map is confirmed, your braces will be sent to the dentist in batch. Then your orthodontic journey can be started! 


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